Describe something that you've learned recently

You should say

Sample Answer

  • What it was?
  • Where did you learn it?
  • How important it was?
  • Why do you think it was important?

What it was?

Afew days back, sitting in my balcony I started missing my mother a lot, then just to keep her memories live and always feel happy about them I started knitting a sweater the way she used to. I could not make as lovely as she did, but somehow I managed to make a simple one.

Where did you learn it?

Although my mother taught me many times, I had never taken this skill seriously as I use to completely depend on her to do this work for me. Now that she is not there, I started checking the youtube and found one interesting video through which I learnt to make a perfect design on the sweater. 

How important it was?

I think it was really important for me to realise the importance of this art and the kind of creativity it adds to life. I feel knitting is not just a creative art but also an exercise to your fingers and an intellectual development as even one wrong step may waste a lot of time. 

Why do you think it was important.

This simple creativity adds  values of intellects, fitness and keeping one busy. Also, the colourful wool that is used make, one gets the feeling of being artistic and pride about making something with own hands. The more appreciation one gets for this the more is the craving to be associated with the skill, keeping away from all negativities of life.

Describe the first thing (or something) you remember when you moved to another school

You should say

Sample Answer

  • Why you moved to a new school?
  • How Old You Were Then?
  • When it was?
  • Explain how you felt about it

Where is the school located 

After I finished grade 8, my father had to shift to his native place so my school also got changed. I was shifted to Amritsar, the holy city of Gurs. The school was located in a prime location and had the best infrastructure and facilities for its students. It was one of the best schools in the city and offered experiential learning so that students learn practical real-life skills and be more creative. The faculty of the school was experienced and highly qualified and handled students with utmost care. The evaluation system was comprehensive and every student was allowed to find their passion and work best for it. 

How Did you Feel

Initially, the experience was really bad as I was just not able to adjust to the new environment, I missed my old friends and teachers all the time. Focusing on academics had become a challenge for me and I never wished to speak to anyone, I used to feel like life had come to an end. Just then, my class teacher was observing me and she started interacting with me daily so regularly that I started finding a friend in her. She made me realize the importance of having new friends in life and the beauty that relations would get me as I would get a chance to explore their culture and also share mine with them. Being a psychological expert she encouraged me to socialize with people and optimistically live life. I think I owe a lot to the school and the teachers as they worked so hard to bring out the best in me.

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