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Why Study in Australia ?

Australia is one of the leading global education hubs with an excellent long-term opportunity. It is renowned for the high-quality academic framework and best quality of life. It offers an array of programs that have been listed among the top institutions of the world. The contemporary manner of living and the indigenous culture entice many international students every year. Strong possibility of gaining permanent residency after studies. 7 Australian Universities Feature in the List of Top 100 Universities In The World.  Australia Is One Of The Most Favored International Education Destinations. No SAT/ GRE / GMAT Required.  3 - Years Indian Degree Is Acceptable Directly For Masters Programs

Being the third most popular international student destination, Australia promises to provide one of the best educators in the world. We, here at Sizzling Careers being one of the best study in Australia consultants in Delhi, cater to all your needs and queries with all the patience in the world.



Top Universities in Australia

University Melbourne

University of New South Wales

University of Queensland

University of Sydney

Australian National University

Monash University



The living expenses in Australia are more affordable than in the UK or US. It provides a wide range of short courses in which the students can learn end number of things which prove to be beneficial for them. Due to these shortened courses, Australian universities tend to be a lot cheaper than its counterparts.


The Australian degrees are widely accepted in various parts of the world and this is the reason for the growing student population in the country. Around 2.5 million international students are residing in Australia at this point of time


The government has been working on simplifying the visa process and as a result that time required for verification has reduced and so have the documentations needed for identification. You need not get your shoes torn off by making regular visits to the embassy!


Australia is in of a few countries that provide credential lecturers and has a wide range of courses available for students around the globe with different needs.


Australia allows the students to work on part time basis while perusing their education. It helps the students to cut the economical burden and also gain experience. You are allowed to work for up to 20 hours in a week.


Despite of other countries not being interested in some of the professions that they might have in abundance, Australia is open to all. It provides a wide range of job opportunities with decent packages