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Question :

Describe a cafe you like to visit.

You should say
  • Where it is?
  • What kinds of food and drinks it serves?
  • what you do there?
  • Explain why you like to visit this cafe.


I am a very outgoing person, and love to visit different places. I visit different cafes along with my friends and family as I love to try various cuisines.

Where it is

There is this one café near my place, which is personally my favourite. It is located near my college in Kamla Nagar and whenever I go there, it always has atleast ten people in the waiting. The ambience there is amazing and the delicacies offered are delicious.


What kinds of food and drinks it serves

There is a variety of Italian dishes and continental food. They have amazing pan cakes with strawberries and chocolate syrup on it. Strawberry nutella pan cake is their dessert that tops my list. There is a wide range of mocktails offered by them, like blueberry strawberry mocktail, lemon orange mint mocktail and many more.


What you do there

There are board games available there like chess, jenga and monopoly. While having the food one can play these board games with their friends, or else interact with each other. It is a very lively café, with soft music playing in the background which is pleasing to the ears. 


And explain why you like to visit this cafe.

I and my friends visit this café once in ten days because we love this place. I enjoy the ambience of this place and this café has something about its food that I start missing its pancakes and kinds of pasta after a week. It is one amazing cafe that everyone should try.

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