Describe a law on environmental protection.

Describe a law on environmental protection | IELTS Cue Card
Question :

Describe a law on environmental protection.

  • What is the law?
  • How it works ?
  • Benefits of the Law?
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To begin with, we all know that the Earth is deteriorating day by day for reasons that are infinite in number but to be precise, we can include the impact of carbon dioxide and global warming followed by the climatic changes arising in the world. Plastic, in my opinion, is one of the biggest problems that the world has to face today.

What is the law & how it works ?

The problems are infinite in number and henceforth the need for having solutions to curb them or to prevent them is also increasing drastically. We need several laws that guide our behaviour in a good way and help keeping these problems in check. Guidelines that set standard for pollution control and waste management is the need of the hour.

But if we have to talk about one law specifically on environment protection, then I would like to talk about the law against the use of plastic.

Plastic, as we all know, occupies the major proportion in the solid waste category. Being the non- biodegradable waste that it is, it is going to stay on the land forever. Thus, the Government of India has banned the usage of plastic bags and product by bringing in the “Plastic Usage Ban Act”. The “Plastic Usage Ban Act” in India works by imposing restrictions on the use of plastic. It prohibits the manufacturing, sale, and use of certain types of single-use plastic products.

Benefits of the Law?

The law also encourages the use of alternative eco-friendly materials and hence alternatives or eco-friendly bags are being brought in. Even the general public saying ‘No to plastic’, shows that they are aware of their responsibility. Plastic bags even damage the beauty of the parks and other places along with putting the life of birds, animals and other living beings in risk

As per this law, if someone uses plastic bags, they have to pay approximately five thousand rupees. And, shopkeepers who are using plastic bags have to pay twenty thousand rupees approximately as a fine. People have now started to avoid plastic materials as a result of this strict law. The law also promotes recycling and waste management practices.

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