Describe a recent travel experience

You should say

Modal Answer 1

> Where you had this experience
> What the experience was
> Who you did it with
> And say how you felt while you were doing it.

Where you had this experience?

I love to travel and explore different places and I have been to many places in India. But, recently, about a month ago, me and my family went to Australia. It was our first international trip as a family. Our main purpose for this visit was to attend my cousin sister’s wedding events but, we decided to extend our tour for a month, as we wanted to explore several parts of Australia properly.

What the experience was &Who you did it with?

While we were there, we visited 3 of Australia’s main cities, that are Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

Canberra is the capital city of Australia and the scenery there is beautiful with many surrounding small hills. We also paid a visit to country’s Parliament House there and played golf in the lush green grasslands. Sydney on the other hand has many beautiful beaches where we swam and tried surfing. Melbourne was the last place we visited and we stayed there for a week at my cousin’s house. Melbourne is a beautiful city with an artistic image. We tried a lot of quaint cafes for its famous coffees and explored many art galleries.

And say how you felt while you were doing it?

It was an amazing experience and we got a lot of exposure to other things around. Visiting new places always makes me ecstatic.

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