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Describe a time of the day you like

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> What time of day it is
> What you do at that time
> Who you are usually with
> And explain why you like it.

What time of day it is& What you do at that time?

Different people have different preferences about what part of the day they like the most. Some people prefer early mornings and some prefer evenings. However, I have always liked the nights more than any other part of the day.

For obvious work reasons and health concerns, I also prefer to wake up early in the morning, but, I feel most productive and happy at night. After a busy day, night-time allows me to re-gain my energy and also to spend quality time with my family.

Who you are usually with?

Weekend nights are my favourite as I do not have to wake up early the next day. Sometimes, I watch online shows on these nights or read my favourite books. I also go on late night long-drives with my family members or friends that eventually endup in eating ice-cream. Anyway, nights often create a unique calmness and quiet around me which provides me clarity of mind.

And explain why you like it?

After a hectic day, everyone likes to relax and spend some quality time, same is the case with me. It is that time of the day which I look forward to as it is away from all the humdrum of life and provides me with composure and relaxation.

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