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Tips for IELTS Reading by IELTS Coaching India

–       Focus on improving your English and reading instead of focusing on IELTS readings. Reading has skills like skimming and scanning involved along with close reading. Develop these skills.

–       Look out for comparison words and synonyms in your text.
When you identify the  keywords, remember that the same words need not necessarily be in the text so always gather some synonyms in your mind and look out for synonyms while scanning.

–       There is no transfer time so write answers directly on the answer sheet.

–       Divide time equally for all three sections/passages. Take a guess and move ahead if you feel stuck or unsure.

–       Follow the passage information only and forget your own knowledge on the given theme or topic.

–       Read instructions carefully.
Instructions related to the word limit and the form of the answer should be carefully followed.

–        Practicing is highly essential for IELTS to ensure you reach a consistent score instead of just hoping for good luck and an easy test.

–       Skim instead of reading the entire passage carefully. Make note of keywords for locating answer.

–       Practice every question type and try different strategies to see what works best for you.

–       Try to follow order of questions of the paper to avoid burdening your mind or feeling confused.
Always solve all questions of a passage and then move to the next.

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