Describe a time when you saw a lot of plastic waste

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  • When and where you saw the plastic waste?
  • Why there was a lot of plastic waste?
  • What you did after you saw it?
  • Explain what your thoughts were on it.

When and where you saw the plastic waste ? 

While I am now settled in New Delhi but I was born and brought up among the pristine hills of Shillong, which is in the north-eastern part of India. Every summer, I visit my birth place, so last summers too, I was there. However, I was highly disappointed as I observed that many of the tourist spots were littered with plastic waste. 

Why there was a lot of plastic waste ?

With increasing number of travellers and backpackers, Shillong is packed with tourists from all corners of the country during summers. It pains me to see that while most of them travel to that part of the country to experience the rolling hills and the many gushing waterfalls, they care little for its conservation. There are proper dustbins installed at most popular sites yet one can see plastic waste scattered all around. 

What you did after you saw it ?

When I saw the unprecedented mounds of plastic waste, I immediately took pictures of all such spots. Once back, I shot an email to the Chairman of the Municipal Corporation of greater Shillong, in order to bring to his notice the pathetic condition of these popular spots. I was happy to receive a response informing that they would take immediate steps to resolve the problem. 

Explain what your thoughts were on it. 

While the locals of the area do their bit to carry out cleaning drives at intervals, however more stringent measures should be taken by the government. Fines should be imposed and strict supervision must be initiated to control this menace. Also, awareness campaigns should be introduced to communicate the message that it is our duty to conserve mother nature.  

Describe a time when you saw a lot of plastic waste

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  • Introduction
  • Acquaintance and Friendship  
  • Enriching Experience
  • Impact and Appreciation

When and Where: Last summer, during a serene stroll along the coastline in Goa, India, I was confronted with a disheartening sight: an overwhelming amount of plastic waste scattered across the otherwise pristine beach. 

Why the Accumulation: The influx of tourists during the peak season, coupled with insufficient waste management infrastructure, contributed to the alarming accumulation of plastic waste. Disposable items, such as bottles, wrappers, and bags, were carelessly discarded, adding to the environmental predicament. 

Actions Taken: Dismayed by the sight, I initiated an impromptu beach cleanup, rallying fellow beachgoers to join the cause. Armed with reusable bags, we diligently collected and separated the plastic waste, highlighting the importance of responsible tourism and environmental stewardship. 

Thoughts on the Issue: The experience left me contemplative about the global plastic crisis and the urgent need for sustainable practices. It underscored the collective responsibility we bear to preserve our natural habitats. Witnessing the impact of human activities on such a beautiful landscape fueled my determination to advocate for conscious consumption and waste reduction. 

Describe a time when you saw a lot of plastic waste

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Sample Answer

  • When and Where
  • Why the Accumulation  
  • Actions Taken
  • Thoughts on the Issue

When and Where: In the heart of my city, at the central park, I was confronted with a distressing scene of plastic waste scattered amidst the greenery—a stark contradiction to the park’s intended tranquility. 

Why the Accumulation:The park, frequented by both locals and visitors, lacked adequate waste disposal facilities. Combined with a lack of awareness about responsible waste disposal, this led to the widespread presence of plastic packaging, bottles, and wrappers tarnishing the park’s natural beauty. 

Actions Taken: Motivated by the need for change, I collaborated with local community groups to organize cleanup drives. We engaged with park visitors, raising awareness about the environmental impact of plastic pollution and promoting responsible waste disposal practices. 

Thoughts on the Issue: The experience underscored the vital role of community involvement in tackling environmental challenges. It reinforced the significance of education and advocacy in fostering a collective commitment to preserving public spaces. Witnessing the positive response from volunteers and parkgoers fueled my optimism that small actions, when multiplied, can lead to substantial positive change. 

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