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Describe an aquatic animal.

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Question :

Describe an aquatic animal.

  • What it looks like?
  • When did you see it?
  • Where did you see it?
  • Explain why you find it interesting?
Sample Answer :

I am an animal lover and specially love to go to places that have aquariums. Once in the month of November, I went to an Adventure park and saw this big aquarium there which had fishes of six different kinds in it. Out of which there was one Gold fish which was unique in itself and I simply admired this Gold fish for the pattern that it had. They were moving, sliding, dancing in the aquarium. It was a treat for the eyes to watch this Gold fish and other fishes in the aquarium. It looked like a very slippery creature with smooth body.

They were of white and black in colour. The gills were completely streamlined and it had a very fine finish. The other fishes were equally fascinating but there was this special colour with that glowy finish that made this gold fish stand out amongst the rest of them.
I found it to be very interesting because it had a glowy look and it was very pleasing to the eye to see it dancing in the aquarium creating different movements and shadows that looked absolutely surreal, specially to the one who is fascinated with animals and in my case aquariums specially. I had a wonderful time at the Adventure park more because I cam across this wonderful aquarium. It was a bliss for the human eye.

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