Describe a famous person who can be a role model to young people

You should say

Sample Answer :
who the person is?
how long have you known him/her?
what qualities this person has?

Who the person is? 

For decades now, most Indians have idolized Shah Rukh Khan as their role model. Today he is not only popular in the country but also among the Indian diaspora living abroad and is now a global icon.  

Talk about his achievements 

Despite the actor’s humble beginnings from stage and television, he has managed to graduate to the big screen and make a name for himself. He is at present counted amongst the superstars of the silver screen. He has won numerous awards and has been conferred an honorary degree, ‘Doctor of Letters’ by the La Trobe University of Melbourne and ‘Legion of France’ which is the highest civilian awards of France.  

Why should young people follow him ? 

Shah Rukh Khan is not only an iconic superstar but is also an able entrepreneur with a keen sense of business. He started Red Chilies productions which is not only involved in the distribution of films but is considered to own one of the best VFX studios in India earning excellent profits. In today’s modern world when it is becoming evident that one cannot depend on a single source of income to sustain one’s livelihood and diversification is the only way ahead, the youth definitely have something to learn there. Also, he embodies the idea that your birth is your destiny but how you shape your future is in your own hands. Moreover, the way he conducts himself in both public as well as personal space is a lesson young people should learn. He is the perfect example of resilience, diligence and innovation.  

Describe a famous person who can be a role model to young people

You should say

Sample Answer :
who the person is?
how long have you known him/her?
what qualities this person has?

Who the person is & how long have you known him/her?

Today I would like to discuss about the famous personality Narendra Modi, who is the Prime Minister of India from last 10 years. I know about him from last 15 years when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat, which is a state in India.

He started his career as a Tea supplier from his childhood. The journey from a Tea supplier to Prime Minister of a country is incredible . The way he moulded his life into a good serving person for the nation can teach us a lot of things.

He as a family person and as a politician can show the way of balancing family and professional life. He is the role model not only for the youth, but also for people who think that age is not a barrier to achieve the goals.

What qualities this person has?

He is energetic, wise and kindhearted. He has a set vision for the nation and the expertise to solve and address the issues going on in the nation.

He represented India to the World as a new potential country. Even today people will be surprised by the way he manages his time . We can learn so many things about his way of approaching people, from rich to poor. He approaches and greets people humbly which shows his generosity.

As a politician we can see his achievements, as a spokesperson we can see how he engages the audience to listen to his speeches and implement what is better for the country as a whole.


Describe an occasion when someone or something made noise

You should say

Sample Answer

  • - Who/what made the noise.

  • - What the noise was like

  •  - What you did.

  • - And explain how you felt about it.

Who/what made the noise.

Anything that is noisy is always disturbing and destroys the mind set of an individual, However, I recently heard something that was really noisy but at the same time it was really melodious and soothing to my mind. The moment I recall that noise, its like music to my ears as I can still feel the melody.

What the noise was like

The noise was of a chirping bird outside my balcony, the beautiful blue coloured sparrow like bird sitting on huge tree and singing loud. At first, I could not understand from where I was actually able to hear something strange, new but so relaxing. After checking my gadgets I just moved to my balcony area and got this as a surprise. 

What you did

I just sat there and started observing the bird, just in time, I released that the bird was actually calling his fellow mates for some meeting and probably they all wanted to enjoy. Listening to that sort of call to action, I completely forgot all that was going on in my mind and just sat there for a long time keenly noting all that the bird party was doing.

And explain how you felt about it.

Carefully watching them conversing with each other and enjoying their own world, made me realize how beautiful life is any form that we could exist. It looked like the birds were portraying their feelings and they had a gala get together sharing and caring for each other. I just rejuvenated myself from the tiring day I had in my work place. I wish the birds keep coming to my balcony and give a pleasant treat every time I go there.

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