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Describe a river, lake or sea which you like.
Question :

Describe a river, lake or sea which you like.

You should say
  • what the river, lake or sea is called ?
  • where it is ?
  • what the land near it is like ?
  • and explain why you like this river, lake or sea ?

Sample Answer :

Nature has always attracted me towards itself. The serenity and calmness that is there in the natural surroundings is indeed a mesmerizing one. There is one such lake in Chandigarh that I like the most which goes by the name Sukhna lake. I remember I visited this place 2 years back with my family and cousins and we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

I had always heard about this lake from my cousins residing in Chandigarh. They always told me how Chandigarh had such beautiful places like the famous Rock Garden and then the Sukhna lake near it. And I myself found the area near this lake to be very beautiful. The entrance to this lake has a small garden covered with all flowers in shades of pink and purple giving one a feeling of a twilight like experience. On the sides there are enclosed areas where people can sit or play games and also a cafe is there that has a mouthwatering menu of snacks along with beverages.

The highlights are the boating facilities and other recreational water activities that one can enjoy there. I liked the place a lot as it was a very colourful place with a peaceful environment. Visiting such places makes me feel close to nature which I love. It was a blissful experience all in all. Given a chance, I would love to visit there again. It was one of an experience that I had. I would love to have other such experiences in my life.

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